PURE PONY provides the complete spectrum of amino acids, enriched with minerals, anti-oxidants high biotin, sulphur-amino acids, zinc and vitamins to meet the requirements of ponies and galloways in a LOW STARCH/HIGH FIBRE feed.

Research into safer feeding for ponies recommends low starch/high fibre feeds. PURE PONY has been formulated to meet this need and provide ponies with all the nutrients required for health and performance, without the risks associated with grains and grain by-products.

PURE PONY is based on pure vegetable protein emals and fibre, with NO GRAIN, GRAIN BY- PRODUCTS, BRAN OR MILLRUN.

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PURE POWER is formulated to provide the complete array of essential and branched – chain amino acids, natural vitamins A, D, E & K, plant protein meal, organic trace elements, macro-minerals & anti-antoxidants required for hard work.

Formulated to match the increased needs of horses in training, PURE POWER provides the raw materials essential to maximise the response to training, build blood cells, mitochondria, bone strength & topline. PLUS the vitamins, anti-oxidants & minerals to protect working muscles, cell membranes, tendons, joints, the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Grain-free feeds that are low in starch and sugar (<15%*) are recommended for horses that tie-up or are prone to genetic or exercise-induced equine rhabdomyolysis syndrome (ERS), poly-saccharide storage myopathy (PSSM) or recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis (RER), including Arabs, Australian Stockhorses, Anglo-Arabs, Draft horses, Quarter horses, Standardbreds, Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods.

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PURE STUD provides the correct balance of nutrients fundamental for the pregnant mare to promote correct musculoskeletal development & soundness in the growing foal, and to optimise genetic potential & soundness through all stages of weanling & yearling growth.

PURE STUD combines all essential amino acids, an ideal lysine-to- energy ratio, enriched levels of minerals, trace elements, micronutrients and vitamins to provide a low starch/sugar-high fibre feed that meets recommended guidelines for soundness and proper growth in horses. Sweet feeds, oats, corn, extruded and micronised feeds produce the greatest blood glucose disturbances. Replacing starch/sugar feeds and processed feeds (extruded or micronized) with feed high in fibre and fat, reduces the peaks in blood glucose that are associated with Developmental Orthopaedic Diseases, i.e. bone, joint cartilage and growth disturbances in foals and weanlings. PURE STUD is high in fibre, contains no grains and is low in sugar and starch.

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